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Siddhi SMS

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SiddhiSMS is easy to use and powerful software to send text Messages (SMS) from computer to a list of phone numbers, using a GSM modem or a mobile phone handset connected to the computer. It receives query from customer and reply automatically to the customer queries. It also allows the user to keep record of message sent and received.

Using SiddhiSMS an organization can send personalized messages to all their customers-messages to market a new product services. It allows two-way interaction, customers can immediately verify their account balances and recent account activity when needed by sending SMS query to organizations server.

Siddhi SMS in use at Financial Institutions
SMS banking is a technology-enabled service offering from banks to its customers, permitting them to operate selected banking services over their mobile phones using SMS messaging.

With SMS banking, convenience can be achieved 24hrs a day. This is because a customer has access to his mobile phone all day, at all times. Customers can bank while waiting for a bus, or perhaps while having lunch in the restaurant. Therefore, to effectively achieve a truly convenient banking mode, a truly mobile mode of banking has to be explored, hence the need for SMS Banking.

Key Features

  • Balance Inquiry
  • Account Information – Interest Rate, Available Balance, Limit, Limit Expiry, Accrued Interest etc
  • Statement for last 3/5 transactions
  • Bulk Messaging – Sends message to all customers. It can be used to inform customers about new products and services. Send Greetings etc
  • Definable Customized Auto Responder - e.g. Customer types Hlp and sends SMS, it will reply how to use SMS Banking
  • Loan Alert
  • Deposit Alert
  • Error reply if customer sends wrong SMS query
  • Append message footer text to SMS reply message


  • National Life Insurance Ltd.
  • Gurans Life Insurance Ltd.
  • Surya Life Insurance Ltd.
  • Central Finance Ltd.
  • Premier Finance Ltd.
  • Reliable Finance Ltd.
  • Zenith Finance Ltd.
  • Cash Saving and Credit Co-operative Ltd.
  • Standard Saving and Credit Co-operative Ltd.
  • Suryadarshan Finance Company Ltd.
  • United Citizens Saving & Credit Co- Operative Limited
  • United  Citizens Multi Purpose  Co-Operative Limited
  • Standard Multipurpose Saving and Credit Co-Operative Limited
  • Prabhu Saving and Credit Co-Operative Limited
  • City Express Saving and Credit Cooperative Limited
  • Federation of Handicraft Association of Nepal
  • Kasthamandap Bazaar
  • Times International School




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