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Our Valued Clients

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Software and Web Solution

Banks, Financial Institutions and Co-operatives

Life Insurance Company


Department Stores and Retail

  • Kasthamandap Bazaar
  • Bluebird Mall
  • Ankur Kalpabrikshya Department Store
  • Green Land Mart
  • Subidha Mart
  • Kupondole Upabhokta Sahakari Sanstha
  • Peanuts Pvt. Ltd.
  • Big Apple
  • The Eighteen Shop
  • Top Class
  • Kool Kidz
  • Lammergeier Trekking Gear
  • BWITCH-Premium Lingerie Store
  • Arrow Clothing
  • Basic Style
  • Jamal Bazaar Pvt. Ltd.
  • Shree Manakamana Department Stores
  • Chabahil Department Stores

Other Companies, NGO,  Associations...

  • Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR)
  • United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)
  • Wildlife Conservation Nepal (WCN)
  • Kantipur FM
  • Auto Parts International
  • Times International School
  • The BOSS and VOW Magazine
  • Impro Air Pvt. Ltd.
  • Sangrila Air Pvt. Ltd.
  • Federation of Handicraft Association of Nepal
  • Him Electronics
  • Organic Village Product House Nepal Pvt Ltd

Training & Consultancy Services

  • Alpine Development Bank Limited
  • Apex Development Bank Limited
  • Arun Finance Limited
  • Bright Development Bank Ltd.
  • Business Universal Development Bank
  • Capital Merchant Banking & Finance Limited
  • Cash Saving & Credit Co-operative Limited
  • Central Co-operative Limited
  • Century Commercial Bank Limited
  • City Express Saving & Credit Co-Operative Limited
  • College of Software Engineering (CSE)
  • Commerz And Trust Bank Nepal Limited
  • Cosmos Development Bank Limited
  • Dev Dershan Saving and Credit Co-operative Limited
  • Ekata Bikas Bank Limited
  • Fewa Finance Limited
  • First Micro Finanace Bank Limited
  • Gaumukhi Development Bank Limited
  • Gulmi Bikash Bank Limited
  • Gurkha Development Bank Limited
  • Himchuli Bikash Bank Limited
  • Imperial Finance Limited
  • Innovative Development Bank Limited
  • International Development Bank Ltd.
  • Jhimruk Bikash Bank Limited
  • Kalinchwok Development Bank Limited
  • Kanchan Development Bank Limited
  • Kankai Bikas Bank Limited
  • Kankrebihar Bikas Bank Limited.
  • Lumbini engineering college
  • Lumbini Finance Limited
  • Machindra & Brothers Ent
  • Madhya Paschimanchal Grameen Bikash Bank Limited
  • Manakamana Development Bank Limited
  • Manang Trust and Saving &Credit Co-Opreative Limited
  • Manaslu Bikas Bank Limited
  • Metro Development Bank Limited
  • Mount Makalu Development Bank Limited
  • Mukul Saving and Credit Co-operative Limited
  • Nagarik Bikas Saving & Credit Co-operative Limited
  • Narayani Development Bank Limited
  • National Finance Limited
  • NCC Bank Limited
  • Nepal Academy of Science & Technology
  • Nepal Bank Limited
  • Nepal Community Development Bank Limited
  • Nepal Consumer Development Bank Limited
  • Nepal Finance Limited
  • Nepal Housing Development Finance Company Limited
  • NIDC Capital Market Ltd.
  • Nilgiri Vikas Bank Limited
  • Pokhara Finance Limited
  • Public Development Bank Limited
  • Quest Saving & Co-operative Limited
  • Rapti Bheri Bikas Bank Limited
  • Royal Merchant Banking and Finance Limited
  • Sahara Bikash Bank Limited
  • Salpa Development Bank
  • Shalpa Bikas Bank
  • Shangrila Development Bank Limited
  • Shikhar Finance Limited
  • Shine Development Bank Limited
  • Shuva Kiran Savning & Creadit Co-oprative ltd.
  • Sindhu Bikas Bank Limited
  • Soorya Development Bank Limited
  • Standard Finance Limited
  • Suryadarshan Finance Limited
  • Tinau Development Bank
  • Udhyam Bikas Bank
  • Ukali Saving & Credit Co-operative Limited
  • Upakar Saving And Credit Co-operative Limited
  • Vibor Bikas Bank Limited
  • Womi Microfinance Bittiya Sanstha Limited

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